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A St. Patrick’s Day Oath to Go Green

Lately I have been thinking about what I can do for St. Patrick’s Day this year. I ran a few ideas through my hyper vigilant brain and none of them really hit home, so to speak. Then finally late last night I decided I would ‘Go Green with Gusto’ this year! Here are a few things I have decided to do, have a quick peek and go green with me.

1. Plant a herb garden along with your flowering plants.

herb-garden2.  Stop using plastic bags and start carrying cloth bags for groceries and other items instead.


3. Buy energy efficient electrical appliances. Look for the energy star!


4. Remember to switch off the lights in a room when going out.


5. Make a list of errands and do them all in one trip, conserving energy.

images (1)

6. A difficult one forme is turning off my computer completely at night. Maybe you shall have more success than I do. Try it! I shall too!

images (2)

7. Collect rainwater to water your plants.

stock-photo-plastic-container-collecting-rain-water-for-plant-watering-1023949818. Reuse scrap paper! Let your children draw on the blank sides. Very often, I even make little note pads to write my million little to-do lists.

Alternative-Creative-Unusual-Uses-For-Scrapbook-Paper9. Drip! Drip! Drip! One of the most annoying sounds is that of a leaky faucet. Fix your leaky faucets and conserve water.

images (3)10. Stop buying plastic bottles of water, start carrying your own when going out. Try and reuse old wine bottles or old juice bottles to store water.

images (4)11.Unplug chargers and appliances that are not being used.

images (5)

12. Wash clothes in cold water as 85 % of energy goes towards heating the water.


13. Try to avoid spin drying clothes. Dry them on a line when the weather permits.

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Go green with gusto! Save our planet!