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Re-use Old Wooden Pallets to Make Gorgeous Furniture

In this day and age recycling and reusing materials is always a great idea. What is even more satisfying is when you manage to create something beautiful out of materials that otherwise would have been thrown away.

Wooden pallets are a great resource. There is nothing a little sandpaper and varnish cannot do to cheer up a piece of wood. For those of you who like color in your life, throw in some paint and you are good to go.

One must never underestimate wooden pallets and their amazing ability to morph into the most attractive things. For people who like making their home a cosy place, wooden pallets can be used for a number of things. Have a look!!

For memories and entertainment!

Modified wooden pallets

Modified wooden pallets

Recycled Wooden Pallets

Recycled Wooden Pallets










Coffee tables for a nice cuppa!  

Recycled Coffee Tables

Reused Coffee Tables









Beautiful Dining Table

Beautiful Dining Table












If you throw mattresses and cushions on the wooden pallets you have settees to lounge on.






Hang up your jewellery!

Hang up your jewellery


No more messes to sort through on your way out. Hang up your jewellery







For the lushes in town!

lushes in town


A crib for the baby!! That’s always useful.


Baby Crib

Baby Crib

Of course all of these magnificent creations can be painted or varnished to suit the decor of your home. For people who are more outdoorsy, wooden pallets have a whole other range of uses.






Check it out!

Green and Peace are two lovely words










Book Shelf

Book Shelf








 bicycle parking

Bicycle Parking


A space to park your bicycles in and out of the house!






wooden pallets

Deck Chairs


For those of you who like lounging in the sun wooden pallets can be converted into astounding deck chairs that can be painted brightly to make people look your way! 







And instead of making your way all the way to the park, bring the swing to you!







backyard wooden pallets

Backyard Wooden Pallet


If you fancy sheep in your backyard wooden pallets always make a great feeding crate.







I hope you have enjoyed looking at the numerous uses of wooden pallets. They are a creative, fun, cheap, eco-friendly way to reuse old materials to spruce things up a bit.

Source : http://www.dumpaday.com