5 Toys Made From Recycled Goods

There are so many house hold items we use and then just throw away. How aboutwe consider using these unwanted items we consider trash to make children’s toys that are economical, creative and eco-friendly.

You know all that milk you and your family consume by the gallon… well here’s a good way to put to use all those empty milk bottles. Make your child an igloo. Although it won’t really be cold inside!

Milk jug igloo

Milk jug igloo

As a mother you must certainly know the feeling of being in a hurry, walking into a room and seeing that it is a complete and absolute mess. Everywhere you look there is a piece of some toy or the other. Here’s a solution for all those small pieces that come underfoot.


In my home we use tissue like nobody’s business! If I had collected even 4 months’ worth I could have made a pretty large amusement park with slides that twirl and whirl all the way down. Here’s a marble slide that you can make with just a few old tissue rolls.

amusement park with tissue rolls

Don’t throw away your old business cards. On a happy Saturday afternoon sit down and use them to make pretty lanterns for your daughters’ room.


If your children ever want a turtle and you aren’t necessarily keen on looking after your child’s pet, here’s an easy way out! Use bottle bottoms to make little turtles. Have your child use imagery to envision being on a beach and watching the baby turtles hatch and run clumsily towards the water.


I happen to think wine bottles are   particularly interesting and useful. Of course people have come up with a million uses for the bottles themselves, but what happens to the cork? This is an example of what you can do after wine night at your house. It’s attractive, fun to make and can keep your children occupied for a bit! I would know


Toys from trash! Have fun with it!