A St. Patrick’s Day Oath to Go Green

Lately I have been thinking about what I can do for St. Patrick’s Day this year. I ran a few ideas through my hyper vigilant brain and none of them really hit home, so to speak. Then finally late last night I decided I would ‘Go Green with Gusto’ this year! Here are a few things I have decided to do, have a quick peek and go green with me.

1. Plant a herb garden along with your flowering plants.

herb-garden2.  Stop using plastic bags and start carrying cloth bags for groceries and other items instead.


3. Buy energy efficient electrical appliances. Look for the energy star!


4. Remember to switch off the lights in a room when going out.


5. Make a list of errands and do them all in one trip, conserving energy.

images (1)

6. A difficult one forme is turning off my computer completely at night. Maybe you shall have more success than I do. Try it! I shall too!

images (2)

7. Collect rainwater to water your plants.

stock-photo-plastic-container-collecting-rain-water-for-plant-watering-1023949818. Reuse scrap paper! Let your children draw on the blank sides. Very often, I even make little note pads to write my million little to-do lists.

Alternative-Creative-Unusual-Uses-For-Scrapbook-Paper9. Drip! Drip! Drip! One of the most annoying sounds is that of a leaky faucet. Fix your leaky faucets and conserve water.

images (3)10. Stop buying plastic bottles of water, start carrying your own when going out. Try and reuse old wine bottles or old juice bottles to store water.

images (4)11.Unplug chargers and appliances that are not being used.

images (5)

12. Wash clothes in cold water as 85 % of energy goes towards heating the water.


13. Try to avoid spin drying clothes. Dry them on a line when the weather permits.

images (6)

Go green with gusto! Save our planet!



5 Toys Made From Recycled Goods

There are so many house hold items we use and then just throw away. How aboutwe consider using these unwanted items we consider trash to make children’s toys that are economical, creative and eco-friendly.

You know all that milk you and your family consume by the gallon… well here’s a good way to put to use all those empty milk bottles. Make your child an igloo. Although it won’t really be cold inside!

Milk jug igloo

Milk jug igloo

As a mother you must certainly know the feeling of being in a hurry, walking into a room and seeing that it is a complete and absolute mess. Everywhere you look there is a piece of some toy or the other. Here’s a solution for all those small pieces that come underfoot.


In my home we use tissue like nobody’s business! If I had collected even 4 months’ worth I could have made a pretty large amusement park with slides that twirl and whirl all the way down. Here’s a marble slide that you can make with just a few old tissue rolls.

amusement park with tissue rolls

Don’t throw away your old business cards. On a happy Saturday afternoon sit down and use them to make pretty lanterns for your daughters’ room.


If your children ever want a turtle and you aren’t necessarily keen on looking after your child’s pet, here’s an easy way out! Use bottle bottoms to make little turtles. Have your child use imagery to envision being on a beach and watching the baby turtles hatch and run clumsily towards the water.


I happen to think wine bottles are   particularly interesting and useful. Of course people have come up with a million uses for the bottles themselves, but what happens to the cork? This is an example of what you can do after wine night at your house. It’s attractive, fun to make and can keep your children occupied for a bit! I would know


Toys from trash! Have fun with it!


Set That Ramp on Green Fire

 ‘The Green’ has hit the ramp too. Eco-fashion is catching on like wild fire. It’s all those waste materials that you would think about throwing away that green designers have restored and brought to life and into the spotlight.

Believe it! That is a gown made from garbage bags that have been melted together with an iron. “Out of the Bag” – Diana Velika

garbage bag gown

garbage bag gown

Ever wonder what to do with old plastic toys? Dress your stilettoes in Lego pieces? Here’s a taste. Would you ever dare to go out in those? Take eco-fashion on the ramp to a whole new level.

“Leg-go stilettoes”- Finn Stone, 


finn stone stilettos

finn stone stilettos





Green Peace has taken on a whole new meaning. Here is jewelry made from recycled bullets and bomb castings. Rock that ramp!






Who doesn’t love fairy tales? What girl hasn’t wanted to be a princess? This piece of gorgeousness is fashioned from old children’s’ books. Ryan Novelline devised this magical creation and is said to be the Prince Charming of green designers.




download (1)     Never underestimate the use of soda cans. We consume more than a million      cans  of soda a day. Instead of going out and buying new earrings follow suit, wear  them   in your ears.

Dresses made from  old plastic bags look sexier than you might think!







     John Petrey is the genius behind the use of these bottle caps to make this fantastic  dress.







phonebook-dress  You would never believe it if I told you! This dress is made out of old telephone      books that nobody wants anymore. How cool is that! Designer Jolis Paon  certainly got it spot on. That dress could rock any runway from Paris to Milan.

As the years roll on there will be more and more clothes and accessories that will  be made from recycled items. Join in eco-fashion.

Make a statement!



When trash becomes so much more

I am a hardcore environmentalist. I live by the motto of reuse and recycle. And I can be really annoying about it. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my friends. They’ll have tons of stories to tell you about how I got on their nerves about recycling something or throwing stuff in the wrong trash can. But I honestly think recycling is serious business and we cannot afford to slack because Mother Nature needs us. Without intervention, the world will be full of garbage! There is something that I’ve learnt though. People don’t like to do things that they should if creativity isn’t involved. So I’m going to give you some examples of how you can turn trash into wonderfully useful household items. Here are some of the things that I made out of “garbage”:

   Plastic bottle bird feeders  – 

Bird Feeder

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Don’t throw away those plastic bottles because we all know where they end up. Do you know about the Great Pacific garbage patch? Yep. Right there. So why not use those bottles to feed the cute little birdies in your yard? Be careful though. Cutting plastic can be a little tricky. Here’s a video you could watch for instructions:   


 Cereal box magazine holders – This one is really simple. Cut the cereal box (No, not in half. Be innovative about it. You could use those fancy scissors.) and paint or decorate it. You have your very own magazine recycled magazine holder.

Cereal Box Magazine Holder

Cereal Box Magazine Holder

Soda can coasters – 

For all you neat freaks out there, there is a way to make recycled coasters! Cut out soda cans in square shapes and paste them on small ceramic tiles and voila! They’ll look pretty edgy.

Soda Can Coasters

Soda Can Coasters


 Yogurt containers or castle makers?

Use yogurt containers (or plastic containers of any kind) and paint them. They will make excellent sandcastle makers during the summer. It’s time to go to the beach!

Make Sand Castles

Make Sand Castles   

   Egg carton jewelry  boxes

Here’s a quirky idea for all you accessory-loving girls out there. Use egg cartons to store all your jewelry. Design it the way you like for a very nature friendly way of keeping your jewelry organized!

Cereal Box Magazine Holder

Egg Carton Jewelry Box


Image Source :

Fun ways you can re-use Christmas lights

Christmas is honestly my favorite time of the year. I love the holiday spirit that everyone just takes on during this time. So festive! My favorite part about Christmas, you ask? It has to be the presents! *squeal* We spend so much time and energy on decorating for Christmas that we forget that we need to think about what’s coming after. Holiday lights are usually packed up to keep for the next year. If your lights are less sturdy, it’s shopping time yet again. But you know that there are ways you can re-use those lights? Read on!

1. Ball them up

These lights make for great lanterns if you just ball them up properly. They look so darn pretty and it’s a different kind of lighting that looks fancy and eccentric at the same time!




2. Word Art

You can use these lights on the wall to create interesting patterns or words. With this idea you are totally allowed to be a narcissist and put your name on the wall with those Christmas lights!

Christmas light


3. Fireflies in a jar

Just put your Christmas lights into a transparent glass jar (or colored, depending on the mood you’re going for) and put it on the shelf. That’s one interesting looking lamp you’ll have!

Christmas Light


4. Instant art

Use a string of lights and clip on your favorite and most intimate photos. It’s a very personal decoration and it will look lovely in your bedroom.

Bedroom Decorative Lights


5. Behind your head

Use these lights to light up the headboard behind your bed. It makes for an interesting lighting effect just when you’re about to fall asleep. It will probably make for some interesting dreams too!

Christmas Light Bedroom


These are just a few simple ways you could re-use the Christmas lights that you have rather than just throwing them away. Remember, you must re-use and recycle to save Mother Earth. Plus, wouldn’t you rather be creative than to wait for next Christmas to get those lights out? Get busy!

Have a Merry green Christmas!

I’m a die-hard nature lover. No, seriously. I love to just curl up in my favorite blanket and watch nothing but the Discovery channel. Nature is so beautiful and enchanting, don’t you think?And I really think it looks the most gorgeous during the winters. Like most people, I do believe that Christmas time is the jolliest of seasons!

But ho ho ho-ld your horses! When Santa Claus comes to town riding on a sleigh, we often forget about our environment. Of course we have so much on our minds: vacationing, decorating and buying presents. But there are some easy ways you can celebrate a jolly, eco-friendly Christmas and I’m here to show you the ropes. Here are some tips:

  1. Buy sturdy decorations – Christmas decorations are common in every household. But we often buy cheaper decorations that break easily. Instead, you should buy decorations that will last you for years. You could also use LED lights.


    LED Lights

  2. Avoid baggage – So much shopping and so little time! Instead of buying plastic bags from stores, carry your own eco-friendly cloth tote.


    Cloth Tote

  3. A different kind of present – Gift-giving has become way too clichéd. Instead of your usual store-bought toys and trinkets that will most likely end up in the trash can, go for green DIY presents or better yet! Why not gift an experience? Cook dinner or perform a dance for your loved ones. Also, avoid battery-operated toys because batteries are toxic.
  4. Wrap it up – Gifts are wrapped in pretty-looking wrapping paper. But where does it end up? That’s right. But we can easily avoid the wastage. Wrap your presents in newspaper or use recycled paper.
  5. E-cards are the way to go – We’ve all become so tech-savvy in this day and age. So why not during Christmas? Instead of sending paper cards, why not send an animated e-card to your loved ones? They’re prompt, creative and great for our environment!

This year, let’s not forget our environment while we celebrate the wonderful season. Use these handy tips and make a difference! Because change starts with you.