Fun ways your kids could earn their allowance


My nephew. Phew! He’s a wild one. He’s like a little Tasmanian devil, running around wrecking the place, the incoherent noises included! The only way to keep him in check is to keep him occupied. To make sure that he doesn’t spend all day in front of the computer, my sister hatched an evil plan. She started encouraging him to do chores, and when that plan was foiled, she started bribing him to do them. Kids always want the latest little trinket up for sale in the toy store. Why not give them the opportunity to earn it? You could also give this a shot. But with an attention span of a little kitten, the biggest challenge you’d face is to keep them interested in doing the chore. Well, here’s how you do it:

For ages 3-5:

1.     Napkin origami

Butterfly Napkin

Butterfly Napkin

Teach your kids to make simple designs like boats and butterflies with the table napkin before dinner.

2.     Match socks

Somehow one sock out of the pair always seems to vanish. Get your child to match socks out of the laundry and reward them when all pairs are in place.

For ages 6-8:

1.     Recycling scavenger hunt

Give your child a list of recyclable items to find in the neighborhood and reward them based on how rare the items are. A newspaper or can would get a low reward but a large stack of magazines gets the bumper prize!

2.     Race to the finish

Boring household chores? Not anymore. Give your child an element of fun by timing each task they complete. The faster they do it, the more they earn.

Once your kids are older, I’m sure the money will be motivation enough to do the chores. But till then, you could use these ideas and instill the value of hard work in your little one.