Set That Ramp on Green Fire

 ‘The Green’ has hit the ramp too. Eco-fashion is catching on like wild fire. It’s all those waste materials that you would think about throwing away that green designers have restored and brought to life and into the spotlight.

Believe it! That is a gown made from garbage bags that have been melted together with an iron. “Out of the Bag” – Diana Velika

garbage bag gown

garbage bag gown

Ever wonder what to do with old plastic toys? Dress your stilettoes in Lego pieces? Here’s a taste. Would you ever dare to go out in those? Take eco-fashion on the ramp to a whole new level.

“Leg-go stilettoes”- Finn Stone, 


finn stone stilettos

finn stone stilettos





Green Peace has taken on a whole new meaning. Here is jewelry made from recycled bullets and bomb castings. Rock that ramp!






Who doesn’t love fairy tales? What girl hasn’t wanted to be a princess? This piece of gorgeousness is fashioned from old children’s’ books. Ryan Novelline devised this magical creation and is said to be the Prince Charming of green designers.




download (1)     Never underestimate the use of soda cans. We consume more than a million      cans  of soda a day. Instead of going out and buying new earrings follow suit, wear  them   in your ears.

Dresses made from  old plastic bags look sexier than you might think!







     John Petrey is the genius behind the use of these bottle caps to make this fantastic  dress.







phonebook-dress  You would never believe it if I told you! This dress is made out of old telephone      books that nobody wants anymore. How cool is that! Designer Jolis Paon  certainly got it spot on. That dress could rock any runway from Paris to Milan.

As the years roll on there will be more and more clothes and accessories that will  be made from recycled items. Join in eco-fashion.

Make a statement!



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