Fun ways you can re-use Christmas lights

Christmas is honestly my favorite time of the year. I love the holiday spirit that everyone just takes on during this time. So festive! My favorite part about Christmas, you ask? It has to be the presents! *squeal* We spend so much time and energy on decorating for Christmas that we forget that we need to think about what’s coming after. Holiday lights are usually packed up to keep for the next year. If your lights are less sturdy, it’s shopping time yet again. But you know that there are ways you can re-use those lights? Read on!

1. Ball them up

These lights make for great lanterns if you just ball them up properly. They look so darn pretty and it’s a different kind of lighting that looks fancy and eccentric at the same time!




2. Word Art

You can use these lights on the wall to create interesting patterns or words. With this idea you are totally allowed to be a narcissist and put your name on the wall with those Christmas lights!

Christmas light


3. Fireflies in a jar

Just put your Christmas lights into a transparent glass jar (or colored, depending on the mood you’re going for) and put it on the shelf. That’s one interesting looking lamp you’ll have!

Christmas Light


4. Instant art

Use a string of lights and clip on your favorite and most intimate photos. It’s a very personal decoration and it will look lovely in your bedroom.

Bedroom Decorative Lights


5. Behind your head

Use these lights to light up the headboard behind your bed. It makes for an interesting lighting effect just when you’re about to fall asleep. It will probably make for some interesting dreams too!

Christmas Light Bedroom


These are just a few simple ways you could re-use the Christmas lights that you have rather than just throwing them away. Remember, you must re-use and recycle to save Mother Earth. Plus, wouldn’t you rather be creative than to wait for next Christmas to get those lights out? Get busy!

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