Have a Merry green Christmas!

I’m a die-hard nature lover. No, seriously. I love to just curl up in my favorite blanket and watch nothing but the Discovery channel. Nature is so beautiful and enchanting, don’t you think?And I really think it looks the most gorgeous during the winters. Like most people, I do believe that Christmas time is the jolliest of seasons!

But ho ho ho-ld your horses! When Santa Claus comes to town riding on a sleigh, we often forget about our environment. Of course we have so much on our minds: vacationing, decorating and buying presents. But there are some easy ways you can celebrate a jolly, eco-friendly Christmas and I’m here to show you the ropes. Here are some tips:

  1. Buy sturdy decorations – Christmas decorations are common in every household. But we often buy cheaper decorations that break easily. Instead, you should buy decorations that will last you for years. You could also use LED lights.


    LED Lights

  2. Avoid baggage – So much shopping and so little time! Instead of buying plastic bags from stores, carry your own eco-friendly cloth tote.


    Cloth Tote

  3. A different kind of present – Gift-giving has become way too clichéd. Instead of your usual store-bought toys and trinkets that will most likely end up in the trash can, go for green DIY presents or better yet! Why not gift an experience? Cook dinner or perform a dance for your loved ones. Also, avoid battery-operated toys because batteries are toxic.
  4. Wrap it up – Gifts are wrapped in pretty-looking wrapping paper. But where does it end up? That’s right. But we can easily avoid the wastage. Wrap your presents in newspaper or use recycled paper.
  5. E-cards are the way to go – We’ve all become so tech-savvy in this day and age. So why not during Christmas? Instead of sending paper cards, why not send an animated e-card to your loved ones? They’re prompt, creative and great for our environment!

This year, let’s not forget our environment while we celebrate the wonderful season. Use these handy tips and make a difference! Because change starts with you.

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