My top 5 favorite organic recipes for the holidays

I don’t think there is anything else that makes me happier than food. I love to spoil myself with delicious recipes now and then. But as a rule, I only cook with organic ingredients. They might be a little more expensive but they are so much healthier. If you think that choosing an organic lifestyle will restrict your menu, I’m here to prove you wrong. I have found some wonderful organic holiday recipes that will make you drool! Here are my top five:

organic-turkeyTurkey is synonymous with the holidays, whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas. And really, it’s not that hard to make either. Wow your guests with your great culinary skills. It’s important that you use a heritage turkey because they are not only healthier but also richer in flavor.

This one is a meat lover’s favorite. It’s your best bet for a fantastic main course during your Christmas dinner. It’s also pretty easy to prepare even for a newbie (10 minutes preparation time, baby!) and is just absolutely mouthwatering.

IMG_5164What makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside during the chilly winters? No, not love. Eggnog! Which is incredibly easy to make too, with or without the alcohol! Be careful though. Use only pasteurized eggs because raw eggs may contain Salmonella.

Christmas puddingTopped with hard sauce, this candied fruit-filled pudding is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on during this festive season. I mean, it says ‘Christmas’ in the name and nothing gets more Christmas-y than that! The mix of sweet and spice make it a warm and delectable treat.

Nothing says Christmas like leaving some freshly baked cookies out for Santa. With a preparation time of only thirty minutes, this one is a must to have on your dinner table on Christmas. Because who doesn’t like cookies!

These recipes will most definitely make you the star chef at your Christmas dinner party and your guests will keep coming back for more! You’re welcome.

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